The perception of dealers cheating blackjack players is no news. However, you don't need to trouble yourself about being rigged at an online casino. In any case, the gambling industry makes enormous profits. Therefore, they don't need to find ways to cheat. Nevertheless, even with the presence of gambling regulations, rogue casinos still find ways to cheat. Initially, the main objective of creating online blackjack was to improve players' trust. This is because the game allows gamblers to view the dealer dealing out cards. However, some rogue casinos can use this to their advantage. Here are some ways online casinos can use to cheat.

The Double-dealing Trick

When playing blackjack, the dealer should always pull the top card off a deck. However, in case a dealer wants to cheat, they will play the double-dealing trick. In this case, the dealer pulls the second card from the top. By doing so, they retain the choice card on top. The rogue dealers will continue playing the same trick until they give themselves the choice card. This trick is hard to note. However, a player in the US filmed a dealer playing the trick. He later posted it on YouTube, thereby destroying the online casino's reputation. Here are other cheating tricks used by dealers;

  • Sleight of hand
  • Stacking the deck
  • Removing high cards from the deck

Secondly, dealers use the sleight of hand trick to cheat blackjack players. For instance, a dealer could have a card up in their sleeve and pull it quickly. This trick requires a lot of mastering since they do it with all eyes on them. In addition, it's good to note that this trick resembles the double-dealing scheme. This is because; the card up in the dealer's sleeve will probably be a choice card. So, no matter your level of blackjack playing skills, you have no chance of winning. A player could only succeed if the dealer messes up and give you the choice card.

Thirdly, a dealer could stack the deck. This means that they add more low cards to the shoe. Stacking the deck has two main objectives. Firstly, it reduces the chances of getting a natural black. A natural black occurs when the dealer hands you two cards totaling 21. Secondly, stacking the cards also improves dealers' chances of not breaking out. This is another trick that casino dealers play and players rarely notice. Also, the dealer can repeat the same trick, but now they remove the high cards. High cards help players better their chances of getting a natural black. They also increase dealers' chances of busting out.

How Safe is Playing Blackjack Online?

By the above explanations, there exist possibilities of cheating by blackjack dealers. However, that should not deter you from playing your favorite game. First of all, the live blackjack dealers have a reputation to maintain. Therefore, in case someone is caught cheating, they risk license termination. Also, gambling restrictions indicate such cases attract hefty fines that could lead to jail time. A good example is the cheating incident involving BetOnline casino. GGL lost its clients due to one dealer who was cheating a blackjack player. Therefore, with such implications, no legal online casino would risk attracting fines by entertaining cheating.

Finally, there are possibilities that rouge blackjack dealers conspire with other players. However, casinos take serious safety measures to prevent it. The live casino dealers take home a big paycheck. Also, the dealers often get tips. Tipping them acts as a way of motivating them and also makes them fear losing their jobs. In addition, casino employees go through a series of interviews. The screening will help in the identification of rogue blackjack dealers. To avoid being a victim of cheating, it's always prudent to conduct your research carefully. Take time to read online casino reviews. You could also consult your peers.